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Getting a great deal on new replacement windows or siding is really very easy… if you know what to look for & what questions to ask.
Our FREE Consumer Protection Booklet will show you what those are. Get the Facts Before You Buy– You’ll Be Glad You Did!
“Most of the time, consumers buy without having the proper information. So as a result, you end up paying too much for inferior products and shoddy workmanship!”
Protecting yourself from costly mistakes is really very easy– if you know what to look for.
A recent study showed that home improvement companies continue to be one of the most complained about industries. And, according to the Federal Trade Commission, they warn you that “not all contractors operate within the law.” The California State Contractors Board also warns that when it comes to hiring a contractor to work on your home, “Consumers Beware.”
Unfortunately, most of the time, consumers buy without having the proper information. So as a result, more often than not, consumers pay too much for inferior products and shoddy installation. The problem is that by the time the customer figures this out, it’s too late to do anything about it. They are stuck. This is one of the main reasons why the home improvement industry continues to be in the top 10 of the most complained about industries. Shady contractors know that once they get a signature on a contract, a deposit check, and pass the 3-day right of recession, it’s nearly impossible for the customer to get out of the agreement.
At P.F. Reilly, your needs come first! We want to simply provide you the necessary information to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting… regardless of the contractor that you hire.
That’s why we want to send you a FREE booklet entitled, “Questions Window Replacement and Siding Companies Hope You Never Ask.” The information contained in this booklet comes from several 3rd party sources like the Better Business Bureau, the Contractors State Licensing Board, the Federal Trade Commission, and the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association, just to name a few.
In the free booklet you will have the specific questions that you need to ask all replacement window and vinyl siding companies to make sure that you hire a company that will provide you with quality products, installed by qualified craftsmen, completed on time, and without any hidden charges.
All of the information that you need to know to put you in control of the buying process… In one convenient booklet!
Here are a couple of examples:
In case you were not aware, window replacement and siding companies are contractors. They need to hold a current contractor’s license in order to install new windows, doors, or siding on your home. Therefore, the first thing you should do is check to make sure the contractor is properly licensed with the state of California.
Go to to make sure that your contractor is properly licensed. 
At P.F. Reilly, we hold license number 711037 issued by the Contractors State License Board on August 10, 1995.
Any contractor performing a job in which the total cost of the project, including labor and materials, is $500 or more, must be licensed by the Contractor State License Board. Licensed contractors are subject to laws designed to protect the consumer. Unlicensed contractors are a danger to your financial affairs because they expose you to significant financial harm in the event of injury or property damage. Few unlicensed contractors have bonding or workers’ compensation insurance. Although an unlicensed contractor may give you a low bid, the risks of possible financial and legal consequences you may face outweigh any benefits a bid may seem to offer.
Please note: A license number on a bid or contract does not necessarily mean the license is valid. Before you sign anything, call the Contractors State License Board at (800) 321-CSLB, or check their web site, to make sure the contractor is properly licensed in the class for the work to be performed, and that the license is in good standing. You should also ask about any prior legal actions that may have been taken against the contractor. Legal action history information is available from the CSLB Northern or Southern Regional Legal Action Disclosure telephone numbers. The Northern number is (916) 255-4041. Southern Region can be reached at (562) 466-6021. – Contractors State License Board
CLICK HERE to check and make sure that the contractor you are dealing with is registered with the Better Business Bureau.
At P.F. Reilly, we have been a member of the BBB since December of 1995, and we have a “Satisfactory Record” with the bureau. We are serious in our commitment to 100% Customer Satisfaction!
WHETHER OR NOT THE COMPANY IS A MEMBER OF THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU – The Bureau reports on all companies, member or not, have been the subject of frequent inquiries or complaints. However, to become a Better Business Bureau member, a business must agree to conduct business in accordance with Better Business Bureau standards. For example, it agrees to respond to any complaint a customer makes about it to the Bureau.
It also agrees to adhere to the Bureau’s advertising standards, which are based upon honesty in all advertising and selling claims. Before a business is accepted for membership, it is screened to be sure that it has met any licensing requirements, that information submitted to the Bureau clear, that its complaint history is satisfactory, and that its advertising complies with Bureau standards. A Roper survey shows that 83% of the public prefer to do business with a Better Business Bureau member. Once you have all the information we can give, you will be better-equipped to make an informed buying decision. 
— Better Business Bureau
There are 15 more critical questions and items that you will find in our free Consumer Booklet that you need to be aware of and get answers to before you hire any contractor.